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Online Events!

Good Afternoon,

Everyone may have noticed that Campfire Esports started doing some online events to keep the competitive juices flowing. We are doing these events until we open our doors. Anyone who has ever had to deal with Commercial or Residential construction understands there are plenty of "issues" that arrive. As we work through these to our eventual opening, lets play some games together.

We are currently signing up for our Fall/Winter Apex event. This is an online Duos tournament. The formatting for this event has been designed to allow any skill level or age play. The rules for it are posted on our discord channel . This event is our first buy in event, which is $20 dollars for 4 events. The only reason we are doing a buy in is to give back some money to a local tournament organizer (which they did not ask for) and to keep the larger prize pot.

We have hosted One online Smash event and One online Tekken event. We do know that most people prefer local offline events for these, and those will eventually come. One thing I do need to say about the online events, is they allow people who may normally not attend in person events play. This eventually will only grow your local scene and get some more and possibly better future competition.

We look forward to seeing everyone online and in person this winter!

Beau Wolff

Campfire Esports

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