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Campfire Esports Spring Fortnite League

Fortnite Spring Season (Build) March 3rd till April 21st 2024

12 Teams

2 Players per Team (Duos)

8 Weeks Long

All in Person play at Campfire Esports (no outside play will be recorded)

Ages 8+

Trophies for First Place Team

$60.00 Per Player or $120.00 per Team

How Is The Scoring Calculated for Fortnite Tournaments?

Our scoring is similar to Fortnite’s current setup, except these will be on ranked

random ques and different servers:

● 1 point for a kill

● 10 points for a win

● 5 points for Top 5 finish

● 2 points for a Top 10 finish

We will score and keep your top 3 duo matches. If you finish with a Top 10, a Top

5, and a win with 13 total kills, you will have earned 28 points. You will have a two

hour time frame to play your matches. Upon completion we will add up all the

points for your top 3 matches.

We will keep a weekly score for all 8 weeks (scores and rankings will be published

online weekly.) Once they are all done you will see who finished with the most

points and becomes our Spring Fornite Season Champion.

8 Weeks of Competitive Play

Every Sunday from 2pm-4pm will be the in person official match time. During that time period

you will play as many unranked build duo Fortnite games as you can, while recording your top 3

games for that day's points.

Fortnite Season Discord

Our discord will have a channel for Each team to communicate and or play in. They will be able

to use voice communication while competing in person on competition days.

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