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How Campfire Happened

This company is founded around the principle of being able to have fun with your friends.  Before there was online gaming, we had the outdoors.  As kids, we would sit around the campfire socializing and sharing laughter while eating treats. Those were some of the best times and what we aim to bring to the gaming experience.  
It started with four brothers 25 years ago fighting for time on our first computer with our dial up internet connection.  This was playing pc games online for the first time.  With a little time, these games quickly began to grow friendships across the world, all while making our local friendships closer. I started being intrigued with Esports in the late 90’s.  At that time, gaming was not yet considered an esport, but more so gaming league battles for whichever game you chose to play.  This is where the love for online competition really began.  The love I have for gaming and the relationships it fostered is what has started Campfire Esports.  We are making this for people who want to have a social and gaming experience, all in one

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