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Hi, I am Beau Wolff, the founder and managing partner of Campfire Esports. I got my college degree in Game Design and Development, but honestly that holds no bearing on who I am. Gaming has been a part of my life and my family's life since before Nintendo came to be.

As a kid, myself and my brothers use to watch our parents play Nintendo and then, occasionally, getting to play ourselves. This started my journey with video games. Once I entered High School, we got our first computer. This computer was originally meant for doing school work and researching on the internet. Although, at the time, AOL internet was on a 56k modem, but we only ran around 20k. So for people who remember it, that was horrible. The computer did, however, introduce me to online gaming and I never looked back. Yes I have still owned all of the consoles, but, more recently, they've often sat for years, without being played.
My first intro to online games was Delta Force, released in 1998. This propelled me heavily into the FPS (first person shooter) genre. From there I progressed with that specific franchise, eventually playing in professional ladder leagues (esports did not exist yet), and winning a couple of championships. In between all of this, I really enjoyed playing Age of Empires 2, Star Craft 1&2 and Diablo 1&2.
Delta force got its first real competition with BF 1942. I spent a lot of time playing that game in physical LAN parties. That game was revolutionizing for the FPS genre. I then competed in BF2 for awhile, then BF2142. Being a competitive gamer was always been something I sought after. Now, as I get older, I enjoy being around it and watching other people succeed.
I have been a casual WoW (World of Warcraft) player since its inception and a variety game player ever since. I still crave the competitive feeling all the time and who knows, maybe one day I will be able to keep up a bit. I have met so many people, that live in so many different places, through video games, including my wife. It really has been such a great part of my life and I am thankful I was born during the boom of the gaming industry.
On a side note, my 3 brothers were always heavy into games too and each have all been competitive, in their own rights. I have been around and watched them play all sorts of games, all at a very very high level. To give you an idea, one is really talented at RTS (Real Time Strategy) and MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing) games, one is a great at single player tough games like Dark Souls, while the other is a well rounded, jack of all trades player. Being that we all played and we would all try to compete to play the games, we were always nice enough to cheer on the others. I think this is a valuable trait we all learned at a young age.
My wife and I decided to be world travelers for awhile. We wanted to see what the rest of the world was like. It's really funny how this would end up being my actual first experience within real LAN centers. I use to go purchase my time and go play for how ever long I could. It was a great experience for us both and it really helped to foster my desire to bring this opportunity to people in America. I know that we all own our own pcs or consoles, but I promise you it is not the same experience as being in a LAN center, surrounded by others, playing.
All the gaming aside, the Campfire Esports family are all really good people. We have all been on top of the world, and also have been down, left with nothing. At one point in time, my wife and I lived in a shed in our friend's backyard. It's all we could afford to do. I once had a boss let me drive his car for 6 months because I could not afford to purchase one. It's crazy how far life has come. Once you meet my business partner (My brother, some of you met), you will gain an understanding of how gentle and friendly we are. We want to share our experiences with people, but also make you feel like you are part of our family. Even after we have done well in life, we would never hesitate to give you the proverbial shirt off our back.

Campfire Esports has been living free, in my mental space for over 15 years. It has been something I have always talked about and always wanting to do. We have finally hit a time where I feel like it's appropriate to bring this into the world and share my vision with everyone. For anyone who knows me or has spent time talking to me, I am all about building a strong community and giving back. This is a labor of love for me and I hope to do it for a long time more.

So, in saying all this, if you see me around, don't hesitate to say hello or ask to play a game together. 

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