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Club Esports & Coaching

Join Campfire's Club Program
Benefits & Cost Below

Adults & Youth Welcome

Campfire Esports Club program is designed to curate in person interaction while enjoying video games.  Everything that our youth and adults uses today is designed to isolate them into a virtual social category.  Social media is great, but socializing in person and fostering long term friendships is better.  Also the vast majority of youth statistically are gamers, and more places should offer ways to accommodate their likes and wants.  It's also proven that there are more gamers than traditional sports athletes from ages 5-18+.  This is why you are seeing more Esports programs in High Schools and Higher Education institutions.   On top of all this Video Games are the most played thing by adults, thats why our coaching is great for anyone 5+ (by plus I mean my age).  

We believe in creating an equal opportunity and positive environment for all gamers.  We also have a facility that is designed for exactly that.  We have 30 gaming PCs, 10 Nintendo Switches, a PS5 and XBOX.  Alongside that we have Coaching and mentorship to offer youth competitive players (not everyone has to be competitive).

We will have weekly challenges for our club members to achieve and participate in.  Our staff will be able to help members interact and make friendships with other players by our organized play events.  

We also want to make sure that students have the ability to use the internet and a computer at any time necessary to complete school work or projects.  We have no black out days for this if it is being used for learning.

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Benefits & Cost

$200.00 + tax Monthly

**Non Member Individual Coaching is $40.00 a Session**
Ages 5+ 

Game Time

Unlimited Game Time all week!

School Work/PC use

Unlimited Computer/internet access to do school work/projects
(*no tutoring available)

Coaching (all ages)

We currently offer Coaching for:


-Rocket League

-Counter Strike 2


Ability to join our All Ages Esports Teams
-Weekly mandatory Practice
-*Help setting up highlights for college scholarship opportunities 
-*Campfire Esports Jersey
-Weekly professionally organized amateur competition


In person organized events monthly to promote social interaction and friendships


-Reduced Friend Pass pricing ($20.00 instead of $25.00)
-Reduced event pricing (50% discount non competitive events and camps)
-$2.50 Snack Package M-F (2x Chips or 1 Candybar  and Water/canned soda)

Background Checks

Each employee has passed a Maricopa County background check and finger print process to ensure a safe environment for our youth

20 Member Max

We are keeping this to a limited availability to ensure everyone gets the maximum benefit no matter how they choose to use it

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