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My name is Andrew "Volt" Gocza. I have grown up playing sports and video games my whole life. I am as competitive as they come. I've competed in karate, where I earned my second degree black belt before trying baseball, soccer, football, and finally hockey. I played hockey for 8 years where I discovered my aptitude as goalie for 7 of those years. My final year playing high school hockey, as a senior, I was the first assistant captain (leadership position) goalie in my school's history. In the final game of my senior year, we won a state championship.

This was when I knew I wanted to move on to something new; something I have been wanting do for my entire life... competitive Esports. Knowing what it took to compete at a high level and winning a state championship, allowed me to transfer that knowledge into my work ethic with games. When VALORANT beta released in April of 2020 I knew this was what I wanted to be good at. This was the game I wanted to master and telling my friends just so.

Since the release of VALORANT, I have peaked at top-300 Radiant in North America. I have played with every pro out there, at some point or another. I have had the chance to grow my network and connections. By using my knowledge I gained from attending a professional academy in high school, called MET, I have expanded my chances to make it in the industry.

One skill I learned at the MET Academy was using social media as a tool and a resource rather than just something to play around with. This has helped me gain thousands of followers across a multitude of platforms from livestreaming socials like Twitch and others like Twitter or LinkedIn.

While I was in high school, I learned about a college called Grand Canyon University. This is where I also learned about the benefits that GCU offers it's athletes AND Esports players. Not only do varsity Esports athletes earn a scholarship just for competing, but the school also covers tournament entry fees, hotel and travel costs for LANs, as well as providing jerseys. They offer a bunch of other amazing things so many other players only wish they could recieved. The most important thing this school has offered is support from a program as well as school, in general, that cares about our success and future.

I have had the priveledge of traveling across the US competing on Grand Canyon's Varsity VALORANT team as the In-Game Leader and Captain to places such as California, Boise State, and Washington D.C.

One thing I really feel I was put on this planet to do is lead and compete. VALORANT helps me accomplish both at the same time, all while earning a degree in Business Administration that will assist me when I get into a business leadership position after I graduate.

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