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Why do you play Video Games?

With the evolution of gaming starting in a physical arcade then growing to the ability to play in a virtual reality from home, what has caused the demand for gaming to continually increase? We, at Campfire Esports, often think about this. It's been our thought that perhaps the "addiction" all began within casinos thanks to those fancy flashing slot machines. If that were the case, maybe the people who tell you to go outside and play, or turn off those dumb video games, are really to blame (or maybe thank) for it all. They were secretly playing video games under the disguise of gambling.

Beyond that theory for gaming, Campfire Esports believes it is really the interaction combined with the escape of one's daily reality that draws many people to video games. The idea of going back in time or even into the future catches the attention of quite a few people. With gaming becoming more and more immersive, the once thought of as a "fake reality" has truly become reality for many people. A lot of gamers share adventures, quests, campaigns, raids or team battles on a daily basis. Those people they play with often become close friends, if not family. This kinship is what's thought to draw many people towards playing video games. This platform gives everyone the opportunity to befriend anyone in the world, on a common ground. You get to choose what games you play, especially when it comes to online games. From there, you meet people who share your interests and friendships can easily be fostered from there.

We like to think of gaming as a friendly community, not an addiction. Gaming has brought so much help to so many people in the world, in many different ways. Hopefully video games continue and keep creating bigger and better content and communities. We look forward to being your West Valley gaming community real soon.

Campfire Esports

"Gather Around"

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