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Esports Evolution Over 10 Years

How have you seen Esports evolve over the last 10 years? Were you part of it way before the term "Esports" existed? Let us know in comments below!

I know for us seasoned gamers, it all started with LAN parties and Ladder Leagues (online forum leagues). Many years ago, we had to haul around ridiculously heavy gaming computers that had next to no power, unlike what we have today, as well as 50 pound CRT monitors (the big box ones; flat screens didn't even exist yet). Now, there are online communities, as well as LAN centers ready to host the next event.

Over the last 10 years, we have started to see Esports programs in all levels of Education like online only organizations, LAN Center Factory Teams, streaming teams, and city based professional level teams. Who would of thought that you could cheer on your local city's professional sport team and also have an Esports team representing that same city?! With the advancement of Live Streaming to nearly all personal devices, this has become possible. Everyone has a favorite Streamer/Broadcaster now and that person has heavy influences on their viewer's competitive gaming desires.

To us, at Campfire Esports, the most noteworthy change has been the adoption of gaming into High Schools. Did you know that schools now have varsity teams? These students can even go to college on a scholarship to play at even a higher level.

High School instructors have been tasked with learning every thing to do with Esports, including player management. There was no prior training, help or experience to guide these pioneers through the waters they were about to tread. We say "Cheers to you!" the people who are currently creating what Esports is today. Molding young men and women into educated competitive professionals that may end up being the biggest face of our generation. There is a lot more evolution to come, but it has already been started in the grassroots and will only become bigger.

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