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December at Campfire Esports

We have reached the last month of 2023! It has arrived so fast. We look forward to spending the rest of 2023 with all you local gamers. We have a couple of cool things happening this month. We brought back our lock in earlier in the month so that people going away for Christmas will not miss out on it. Also, if you want to spend New Years Eve with us we will be taking RSVP for it. Kaioe will also be hosting a Christmas party mid December as well, more details to come on this.

We are also still looking for more Esports Club members. We would like to get two Valorant Rosters, some Fortnite competitive players, and three rocket league players. We offer coaching for all of the above. The esports club is not limited to competitive players, its a great atmosphere for any gamer who is looking to meet new people as well. We meet up two times a week, plus you have access to our gaming stations 6 days a week.

Do not forget to book your parties with us here! We have 3 Sundays available for Private events. Any day can be reserved for a Private event if you have a very specific day you want to use. We can host birthdays, work gatherings, Christmas parties, friends parties, and the list continues. We look forward to experiencing gaming with all your friends and families.

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